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Carpet skirting board terminology

Hi My Builders,

We're currently renovating floors in our house and took down all skirting boards in the process.

We plan to install new carpets afterwards and I'm looking at different skirting options, one of which is not using skirting boards but extend the carpet a few cm along the wall, see the linked picture below.

While I found skirting boards for that overseas ( for example), I haven't found anything similar being sold in the UK. I guess it's just me not knowing the right name for the gizmos that hold the carpet on the wall.

How do you call them?

2 Answers from MyBuilder Carpet & Lino Fitters

hi this is called cove former and is mainly used fie cap and coving vinyl flooring .


Answered 24th Jun 2017

cove former mainly used in contract vinyl were cap and cove is used


Answered 9th Sep 2017

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