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Kerb dropping and who is qualified to do it?

Hi. I'm planning to drop the small/average depth kerb outside my house in Stoke-on-Trent so that I can park one car off road in future. What might I reasonably expect to pay to have this done?

Also, whilst the council have been very keen to give me a quote (!), I am wondering if most driveway companies have insurance and the approved competency skills to do this or whether I would need to employ a civil engineer?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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Hello other contractors can do the work make sure they are streetwork registered but some councils will have a list of approved contractors. Ask as they will be cheaper than the council. As for price it will vary from experience one council in Wales is £500 cheaper than another for same works. Outside contractors should be cheaper if you have got a price for the works off the council you have a good start so you don't get ripped off. All work will be to the spec's given by council ( bitmac thickness). Ask for photos/ reference off other work or post it on here. Hope it helps.


Answered 17th Jun 2017

Obviously you'll need to apply first to the Council which it seems like you've done, we don't offer this service as it's a lot of la de da with paperwork Etc but their is Driveway companies that can do it as as long as you have all the relevant paperwork Etc hope this helps


Answered 16th Jun 2017

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