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Lost key to wooden patio door with simple old mortice lock

Can this be solved easily and cheaply?

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You will need to call a locksmith and he will ither. Pick the lock or gain acces bypassing the lock with his professional knowledge. In both cases you will need lock replaced with British standard to comply with insurance requirements. You may be lucky and find a locksmith that may be able to pick and code a key and make one for it but that would cost more than first two above mentioned and lock will still not be b standard ps. do not call a national locksmith company they just charge fortune get a local from this site 😎


Answered 14th Jun 2017

Quite a straightforward job for a local locksmith. We shouldn't have too much of a problem picking a mortice, failing that we have to start drilling which can be awkward and time consuming. Once opened its a simple job of replacing the lock. Most Locksmiths carry a good selection of locks and are very able to fettle the holes to accommodate a new lock.
In any event, find a UKLA approved Locksmith in your area and talk to them. Most will give you a price for the job before they turn up.
Good luck.


Answered 5th Sep 2018

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