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How long is a conservatory going to last for and does it turn into a greenhouse in the summer?

We are planning a conservatory and have a sunny south facing garden. Would like as much information as possible as to the pros and cons of a conservatory. Many thanks

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We have the wrong climate for conservatories...


You can fry a full English on the floor in the Summer.

You have the biggest fridge/freezer in the winter... Just put all you frozen food in the conservatory.


After it's installed, You'll wish you had an extension instead.

Hat, gloves and thermals are required, if you want to use it in the winter. Very difficult to heat them up well, and cheaply.

Outside looks grubby after a few years, pain to keep clean. Inside always looks new because no-one uses them much.

Extensions are always better value for money, they don't cost much different. Conservatories don't add value to your house.


Answered 1st Dec 2011

ventilation is the key on south facing conservatories, if you are going for a glass roof you should consider pilkington activ+ clear it will be self cleaning and reduce heat gain from solar rays, If you are going for polycarbonate roof (being cheaper than glass) i would recommend opal finish with heat reflector inserts.
Always the best is plenty of ventilation. Consider blinds in roof if you are having glass.
There are heating units that will convert to air con in summer time but consider the running cost.
PVCu will last for at least 25 years. hard wood will last longer but will cost double also will need maintaining every 3 to 5 years south facing.


Answered 1st Dec 2011

In both cases its the same answer, what type of materails and what specification the conservatory is manufactured from. Pay little, get little , top specs cost more. You can't expect a Rolls Royce for Lada money.


Answered 1st Dec 2011


conservatories usualy come with a 10 year gurantee by the installer. They do last much longer though.

In the summer yes the do turn into greenhouses!!! We have one and had an air conditioning unit fitted, dont even hear it when its turned on and isnt that unsightly.

Hope this helps


Joe Williams


Answered 1st Dec 2011

You do get what you pay for,

different manufacturer roof types and frames,35mm heatguard Polycarbonate or pilkington active s/u glass, coloured rafter bars
frames with tripple glazing argon filled k, coloured frames externally and or internally, built in air conditioning units that cool, heat, dehumidify the list goes on,

and more importantley a
Conservatory or Orangery is a different style of living
than a full Brick extension

Regards John


Answered 1st Dec 2011

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