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I have an old gas fire in my living room that i wanted removed and the gas pipe capped off.... does the plumber need to be gas safe??

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YES,your plumber definitely needs to be Gas Safe registered.Ask for his gas licence number and visit to verify he is gas safe registered.If he does not want to give you his licence number ,then the chances are he is an illegal gas worker that could cost you your life.A genuine Gas Safe engineer will not mind to have his gas licence checked.


Answered 30th Nov 2011



Answered 30th Nov 2011

seriously would you want someone in your home playing around with the gas if they werent gas safe.


Answered 30th Nov 2011



Answered 30th Nov 2011

yes he does need to gas safe


Answered 30th Nov 2011

Yes an absolute must, always ask to see his/her gas safe id and even check with gas safe. After anything gas is capped a gas test must be carried out at the meter to confirm there is no leak and it is safe to carry on using the gas carcass as the supply.


Answered 25th Jun 2015

Yes he needs to be gas safe as he is about to Capp the gas pipe . The fire is ok it's the gas pipe and the capping is the prioritie.


Answered 13th May 2016

yes he does, and dont be affraid to ask for proof that he is


Answered 30th Nov 2011



Answered 30th Nov 2011

Hi David,
Any gas related works must be carried out by a gas safe registered engineer. It really is not worth the risk by having the works carried out by anyone who is not gas safe registered. hope this helps.
Darren Betts


Answered 30th Nov 2011

without doubt ,yes


Answered 30th Nov 2011

It is an offence to do any form of gas work without the relevant gas safe qualifications and registry .It is your responsibility to ensure that they are qualified by checking their I'd and that it is in date and that on the reverse side of the I'd card they hold the qualification for what they are working on eg a gas fire is a separate qualification to a gas boiler,cooker,hob,meter ,the gas safe card is just to say they are gas core qualified


Answered 7th Jun 2016



Answered 25th Sep 2013



Answered 9th Nov 2014

Absolutely yes!!!!!
Always use gas safe registered engineers you can check the engineer via the gas safe website with his/hers licence number which will inform you if they are gas safe registered and if they are qualified to work on the appliance you require them to


Answered 4th Apr 2016

Yes. The person needs to be gas safe otherwise it's illegal to take on gas work.


Answered 7th Apr 2016

Yes always use a Gas Safe Registered engineer.


Answered 11th Jun 2018

Yes you have to be gas safe to carry out any type of gas work hope this helps


Jack howes


Answered 22nd Jan 2019

Yes he does since he will ensure that the gas-fire is decommissioned correctly and that the gas pipeline is free from leaks after this has been done.


Answered 7th Jul 2019

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