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Awful polycarb roof what are my options

I have a poly carb lean-to pitched roof, its at the end of its life.

I insulated most of the underside with 100mm celox and covered this with mdf - bit of a bodge solution to last me a few years. This has meant the space is usable year round now, excellent! A small section is insulated to act as a "rooflight" - so its still clear.

The structure is 47x 150mm purlins (ie running side to side not like rafters) spanning 4.3m onto single skin blockwork - so the whole thing is a bit of a cheap structure. I cant really justify knocking down and building again (unless someone wants to offer a really good quote ;) )

So what options do I have for this space?

A) More polycarb - thermal performance will be improved very slightly over the existing and it at least wont be yellow and leaky etc. Its also see-through so lets in light, but its not as cheap as it should be given its a fairly rubbishy solution.
B) Metrotiles - light are they cheap? Dont know how I fit these given I only have purlins - 12mm osb deck over the purlins tiles on top? Means I would also need to fit a velux to continue to get the light into the space.
Looks better and less of a naff solution, but not totally sold on how good metroltiles look - thoughts?
C) Tiles - not sure I have the structure to support these??
D) EDPM - light, cheap can fit a velux - but its a lean too roof and this stuff arguably looks bad on a pitched roof which is clearly seen from the back garden.
E) Standing seam EDPM type roof - looks smarter? All the benefits of EDPM.

I have been putting off doing this job for 6 years, and now the crunch point is here. I cant really bear just to replace naff polycarb with renewed stuff, but if that is the best option so be it. But I would really love some thoughts and input.

Many thanks in anticipation.


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hi without looking i could only sugestrunning new 4x2 timber rafters than batten and slate useing lightwait man made slates like eternite


Answered 2nd Jun 2017

Timber rafter and battern it out and put some
New tapco slates on to give it a solid roof, insulate etc for a useable room all year around :)


Answered 2nd Jun 2017

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