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Scuffs on my concrete tiles

I have just had a major extension done to my house which has involved a completely new roof covered with anthracite grey concrete roof tiles. There are considerable scuff marks on every single tile which looks terrible on a dry day. The tile company confirmed that the scuffs are potentially as a result of some tile coating being removed during packaging and transportation - whilst this is their responsibility they claim that the tiles themselves still meet all manufacturing standards and that they do not offer guarantees or promises regarding their cosmetic appearance. The builder and tile company have dismissed my concerns saying that this is completely normal with concrete tiles and will disappear as a result of weathering over the course of the next year, but I don't want to pay the builder his retention fee until I'm sure this will happen. I can understand some tiles with scuff marks but on every single tile on the roof? I would really appreciate some advice from an expert on whether this is standard, as I have spent a fortune doing this work, and whilst the inside is great, the appearance from outside with these roof marks is really disappointing and I believe the tile company and builder are pressurizing me into forgetting about it and moving on!!

Thanks for the helpful feedback so far...really appreciate it.

What should I do? The roof tile supplier has offered me an independent auditor to inspect the roof tiles - I suspect they will only verify the quality of the product rather than the cosmetic appearance. What do you recommend I do, keep pursuing my complaint with the supplier or should I just let it go..?

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While you do get a few tiles marked generally it not the whole lot,this tends to be down to poor handling when either transported to site or onto the roof

If they have offered you an I dependent inspection personally I would take it after all you really have nothing to lose and possible a new roof to gain.
Good luck Alex


Answered 1st Jun 2017

No the appearance of a tile is as important as the integrity of th tile simply because the appearance and integrity are one of the same process at the time of manufacturing is a substandard tile OK as long as it looks great I think not if there is exsesive marking mabey that might affect the integrity of the tile in the long term I think he's being a bit cheeky offering you a free survey tell him you'll take that offer along with the survey the local county court might make on them when you take them there for supplying you builder with scruffy tiles , remember roofs are expensive they aren't rocket science they don't get replaced every other week so it's important that you get as close to a perfect job as you can because problems in the future equals lots of money👍


Answered 22nd Jun 2017

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