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Oh where to begin ? gable end gap to tiles

This is now a very a much more condensed question, and thanks to those who kindly posted replies.
All points are taken on-board.

Filling the gap...
My roofer said he can't use mortar on interlocking tiles, so what materials could a roofer use between the tiles and the barge-board ?


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Find a mutually agreeable arbitrator (trusted experienced builder or similar). Then, both sign agreements to abide by their decisions.
After you have both put your cases to the arbitrator let them look round the job.
This is the best solution because once it goes to adjudication no-one wins but the solicitors, believe me.


Answered 18th May 2017

roof replacement is generally done on a builders notice,you should get a notification from building control in your area to say they have passed it up to current governments regs, my first port of call would your local council building regs officer and ask if 1 . you require building regs for a re roof in that area 2 if one has been issued in your name at your address, generally any builders notice comes to me as the agent , completion certificate goes to the customer at the address where the work has been complicated .
2 its a poor workmen that doest take responsibility for any damage they have caused any damaged caused should be repaired.
their should really be no cuts or tears in the membrane,
can only think they have used a lead pointing to seal the lead witch is the preferred sealant rather than cement which is less flexible and cracks,
generally expanding foam is not the best material to use on a roof
the time taken in reality doesn't matter unless you where paying a day rate not a fixed price
but without looking at the job it is impossible to say whether it is a good or bad job
personally would take wood enterprises advice and try to find a mutual agreement to resolve the situation before it gets to the point of just an other meal ticket for the solicitors .
good luck Alex


Answered 19th May 2017

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