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I've seen a lot of advise around getting a detailed (itemized) quotes for extensions. I'm going to start a project that involves a rear extension, new bathroom, electrics, new boiler, plumbing and a new kitchen. So in terms of trying to get an itemized quote - what are the areas I need to ask a builder to split and provide a detailed quote? I've listed some below
1. Plastering
2. Painting
3. Kitchen fitting (would this include fitting the hob, dishwasher?)
4. Electrics - wiring & what else?
5. Skirting
6. Screeding (if required?)
7. Skip hire, disposal, anything else?

What are the other areas that I need to think about in doing a project like this?

Is this a normal practice or will I sound peculiar by asking a builder to break down costs?

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Any reputable builder will provide you with an itemised quote. If they don't I would be wary. Generally prices are broken down and are used as guidance when it comes to payments.

As for individual prices we normally provide.
Plumbing/electrics 1st fix
Carpentry 1st fix
Dry lining/plastering
Carpentry 2nd fix
Plumbing/electrics 2nd fix
Hope this helps
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Answered 20th May 2017

I would recommend that all your quotations are fully itemised. i would also recommend asking your builder/contractor to place a cost next to each individual item so that you are not just given a final lump sum value.
In addition to the above i would also ask your contractor to show any allowances made to purchase items seperate.
So for example if £6000.00 has been allowed to supply and fit a kitchen, then to clarify what part is for supply and whats the amount allowed for fitting.
I personally find this helps for a few reasons:
1. Introduces a transparent working relationship with our client.
2. Helps and reassures clients when releasing stage payments.
3 Eliminates any confusion.


Answered 17th May 2017

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