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Does a crack start from the bottom up or the top down on a wall

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You need to give more info, ie wheres the crack, ground floor, 1st floor, inside wall, outer wall, in a corner.
We dont sit here with a crystal ball.


Answered 27th Nov 2011

LOL!..........I've seen it all now.

What difference does it make?

Surely your question and concerns should be WHY my walls have cracks in them,what could be the cause of them and how to rectify them!


Answered 27th Nov 2011

it depends it can go either way, if it is subsidence it can start at the bottom, but sometimes you can have a bit of deflection say from a lintel or above a door. Most cracks are nothing to worry about. If you have a crack internally look at the outside wall and if the bricks are cracked through the middle it could indicate subsidence however this is not the end of the wall and can be repaired with underpinning


Answered 27th Nov 2011

Hi minnie,

Could start either way, even from the middle out.

Best to get someone to look at it, you can only guess from here...


Answered 28th Nov 2011

What came first the chicken or the egg ?


Answered 24th May 2012

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