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When fitting laminate floor tiles how do i make sure the walls are straight and square?

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You can use a long straight edge or line to check for straightness.
To check corners are square, use a square, larger the better.
Or use the 3/4/5 method, ie mulitudes of those nos, measure one length at 3ft from corner, then measure
4ft other way, check from those points, to be square should be 5ft.
You can go 300mm then 400mm total 500mm, or any combination of 3/4/5
You can also use something like 8x4 sheet of ply, drop it tight in the corner, it will then show if corner is square and straight, if to big use half sheet, keep machined edges to wall.


Answered 13th Mar 2011

split the room measures in half and string a line across a centre line work out measurement back,your room may not be square so fit the lam tiles centrally so thay are pleasing on the eye,if you work from one straight wall the opposite wall could be a long way out and will show massively on your wall cuts


Answered 15th Mar 2011

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