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Should my wall get very hot when my neighbour lights their open fire?

We live in a terrace house which joins onto an old semi-detached type house (it's not an end terrace) .
They have a fireplace in their dining room which backs onto our kitchen. As far as I know there was never a fireplace in our kitchen as all of our fireplaces are on the other side of the house. New people moved in a while ago and have just decided to start using this open fire again. This wouldn't be a problem but last night I noticed that the wall where the fire backs onto in our kitchen was really really hot. I'm wondering if this is normal/ok? I'm particularly concerned as this is where the gas cooker is and am wondering if it's safe and if not what do I do?
Please help

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yes i would expect your wall to get hot ,iwould not worry about it, as for your gas cooker , does it not get just as hot when you use it


Answered 30th Nov 2011

On the up side, you have free heating.
Down side, best to make it known to your neighbour, and ask him not to use the fire until the problem is sorted, you will need either a good registered sweep or Hetas registered installer to check it.
This is your neighbours responsibility, and if you dont inform him, he will be unaware of the problem.


Answered 28th Nov 2011

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