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Can i lay cold lay tarmac on a sandy base

I have a block brick driveway and where it meets the path the builders layed concrete.
Unfortunately this has all cracked apart so I have removed it all and want to lay cold lay Tarmac instead. Underneath the concrete is sand that seems quite deep, and the edge of the brick driveway also has sand exposed.
Can I lay the cold lay tarmac in the holes where the concrete was? Or do I need to treat it or do something else first?

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To be honest no, sand as a Base is a big no no. As the other answer states can't give accurate answer but if you don't want to concrete the gap back in why don't you use decorative stones. But you could use the bucket tar but it will sink over time. Hope it helps


Answered 9th May 2017

Hard to answer accurately with your information, but if the holes are small you will be fine to use cold lay tarmac. If the holes need more than one bag of it then you need to make the underneath solid. Best done by taking some of the sand out and replacing with sub base and whack it down.


Answered 7th May 2017

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