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Is wonderglass better than k2 glass?

I just had a quote for replacing the glass roof panels in my conservatory with K2 glass, but have been told that Wonderglass is even better for blocking rays and heat, and keeping heat in, during the winter. Is this correct, and where can i found out about Wonderglass in the UK.

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I would expect 'Wonderglass' to be a made up name from a window company. If you visit the websites of Pilkington and Saint Gobain, you will see their products which are a Low E coated, (K Glass is one but performs less well than Planitherm Total +) the sealed unit should have at least 90% Argon Gas Fill, this performs better than air in stopping the transferrance of heat across the air gap in the sealed unit. Then the outer glass should be an Anti-sun glass (Blue tint performs best) with self cleaning coating. Reflex is one brand name of this, Google it to find them. This type of glass will perform thermally very well and will help to keep the inside cool in the summer. You should always consider roof vents in a conservatory roof to maintain a good flow of air during the hot (hopefully) summer months.

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Answered 17th Feb 2011

no type of poly carb is better than a glass roof any way shap or form the blue glass refered to is onley self cleaning but can have K glass is on the inner pane glasss if any body wanns to comment my ears are open if you ar intrested go to pilks web site scary stuff pp ever sat in a conny with a polly roof when it is raining down?


Answered 19th Feb 2011

Never heard of Wonderglass. You will be amazed at the stories tradesmen tell their clients to sell a product, their company and securing your hard earned money.


Answered 25th Feb 2011

smart poly is better than glass because it has a concave/convex foil running through the polycarbonate thus keeping heat out and also heat in and is available either silver foil or gold and intrenally you can have mettallic blue,green or clear finish check the u value differences


Answered 18th Feb 2011

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