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Dansand no grow block paving sand for paving slabs

I just jet washed my huge drive, next step is to kill the weeds and then I am looking to fill the huge gaps between the slabs. I am after advice on what to fill it with, keeping in mind the following:

The slabs are on a slight slope toward the house
The slabs have been previously laid on nothing but the earth beneath them!
The slabs have moved considerably and are not completely level
The gaps between the slabs vary from 1-5 mm to 20mm !
The ultimate goal is to AID water flow towards the house which has ACO drains around the edge to run the water away rather than have it spill into the gaps and into the ground around the house, missing the drains.

I was considering Dansand No Grow Block Paving Sand - brushing it in with heavy brush then sweeping excess away with fine brush and misting with light spray from the hose pipe to set.

I would be concerned that conventional 4:1 sand / cement mix will crack like it has in the past and it will get to the state it is now, albeit it hasn't been touched or maintained for something like 10-20 years.

Thoughts? (I know the best case is to re-lay them all on a better base and/or level the entire drive so its flat but this isn't going to happen anytime soon!!

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Go with the 4:1 sand and cement and when it has gone off coat it with this:

I always do this now as a matter of course, it stops the salts coming out and frost damage etc, etc.

You can find it cheaper if you shop around and follow the instructions. But it is really good stuff if used correctly!


Answered 24th Apr 2017

Hi the best thing to use is geofix all weather resin compound it is water porous and stops weeds from penetrating . All you do is sweep area clean and spray with hose pipe then sweep of any standing water , you can just sweep the compound into the joints . And using a finger trowel or a pointing iron compact until the joint is flush . It's not cheap but very effective


Answered 24th Apr 2017

Easy joint is great!


Answered 17th Oct 2019

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