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Can i drill into my lintel to hang gym equipment

Hi I'm wondering if it's a good idea to drill into the supporting wall lintel which separates the living room with the dining area.

I have had some gym equipment arrive and I'd like to hang it in between the two rooms . I'd say it would need to hold around 200kgs max .

Any ideas would be welcomed .


2 Answers from MyBuilder Extension Builders

You can, but it would be hard work and be mind bogglingly dangerous!!!

If you are asking whether it would be safe, then Not really, the beam is there for a reason.

I would suggest setting up a timber structure of 6" x 2", standing the timber so that it is 6" vertical and 2" horizontal and whatever length you need for the span. If the span has to be long then use more than one piece and support them by using timber where the span reaches each wall.

But use at least 6 x 2 vertically as rectangular cross section is much stronger than square.


Answered 23rd Apr 2017

Hi, I would not recommend this at a all, chances are you will fracture the R/C lintel.


Answered 21st Jun 2017

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