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Can i paint a radiator with tile paint?

I don't want to sound daft but can I paint a radiator with tile paint? I have just moved in to house and the radiator has rust patches and not very aesthetically pleasing.
I have no cash with the move and all I have is white one coat tile paint.

Is it safe to use ?

I have guests coming around so need a quick cheap solution.

Thank you

Sj x

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You can paint with any paint.
But just Its gona last for some time.


Answered 11th Apr 2017

Hi there,

You can paint over radiator with any paint but as radiator paint has special properties so as to help the heat to come out of radiator, where as any other non-radiator paint will usually trap certain amounts of heat in, this will in turn cost you more on heating bills, also radiator paint ( called radiator enamel usually) is always heat resistant and rust resistant, you can get radiator enamel from most DIY shops, BnQ etc for literally a few pounds.
Hope this helps. Again though for quick fix for guests coming over yes you can put majority of paints on radiator, simply won't last all that long.


Answered 12th Apr 2017

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