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Can i use the steel wire and a spare core to earth armoured cable?

I have a 5 core armoured cable t use to extend my garden electrics. I have earthed the steel wires using the appropriate glands, but can I use a spare core to earth the cable as added protection? If so, where the cables join in a junction box to feed lights etc do all the earth wires join in the same connector?


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You can Earth it from either end from the core you are using as the Earth. Or, if you prefer both ends.Dont know how you are going to do r1+r2's insulation test, Earth loop impedance test the RCD's produce a certificate and notify to building control though.

Answered 10th Apr 2017


Member since 13 Jan 2015

Fox Mico Ltd could I just point out that you can certify your own work without being a member of a competent persons scheme. If you can satisfy building control that you are a competent person with the relevant qualifications that is acceptable. I am an electrician and was an apprentice for the local electricity board over forty years ago I have all the city and guilds required and more. I am NOT a member of any competent persons scheme and I certify my own work with the approval of building control.

Answered 12th Apr 2017

Technical Energy Uk Ltd

Member since 6 Nov 2010

The simple answer is yes, as long as the steel wire armour is connected to the main earth at the source as it protects the cable so that it disconnects if the cable gets damaged.

Answered 10th Apr 2017

E3 Electrical

Member since 28 Feb 2017

to expand on the above reply, it sounds like you are doing the work yourself, this would be illegal due to works been notifiable under building control regulations... unless you are qualified and part of a self notification scheme, which I guess you are not otherwise you wouldn't be asking this question.

The amount of times I have people tell me 'I wired this' and 'I wired that' myself and it works fine... difference between electrical and many other trades is, when it's unsafe, it still works fine and it's unlikely anyone can tell it's unsafe without expensive test equipment and 4 years in an apprenticeship and a further 10+ years experience etc etc.

Answered 10th Apr 2017

Fox Mico Ltd

Member since 2 Feb 2015

YES, You can Earth it from either end from the core you are using as the Earth.

Answered 12th Apr 2017

jam electrical ltd

Member since 12 Apr 2017

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