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Adding insulation directly to wooden roof planks

My roof is about 40+ years old and has an unusual(to me at least) structure. In the centre of the loft along the floor is a wooden support beam, there are then 2 V-shaped support beams that support a large beam on either side of the roof that runs horizontal across the back of the roof planks. The roof planks run vertical across the length of the roof. There are natural small cracks between each plank. I'd like to know if i can bolt/nail/glue(which is the appropriate method?) "celotex style" insulation panels directly to the back of the wooden planks? Is this likely to effect ventilation and cause dampness? Following that, can i paint/plaster over the celotex insulation boards to achieve the looks of a "plastered" wall. Any alternatives also welcomed - though i am on a budget.

Many thanks!


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Hello Andrew thats a standard set up with v braces supporting roof purlings . Fix Celotex either between the rafters leaving at least a 50mm void for ventilation underneath tiles or directly underneath the rafters. either way fine . celotex wont decorate though. the foil finish will stop adhesion. need to overlay it perhaps with upvc cladding ?
regards Rob


Answered 18th Apr 2017

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