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Roofing - when placing the hip rafter on extension is the hip rafter set at a different height or cut at different angle to common rafters.

Our roof pitch is 15 degree's however when the plumb cut is made on the hip the degree differs, we have been let down by the person who was framing the roof and are very slowly trying to finish the framing ourselves.

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Hi, This is a carpentry question, not roofing :)

Yes it sits at the same height.

If you look at a roof in plan, the hip is far longer than the common rafters because it sits diagonally. This means it's at a lower pitch...because the span is greater diagnally but the height is the same.

The plumb cut for your hip should be 79.3 degree's, rather than 75 degree's of the common rafters. Your hip pitch will be at 10.7 degree's.

All things being square and equal, that should fit.

Hope this helps


Answered 24th Nov 2011

set at different height


Answered 23rd Nov 2011

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