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Sub base with core gravel grids

We are going to be attempting our driveway in the coming weeks and will be using the Core Gravel style grids to hold the gravel.
We will be removing the existing crazy paving from one side and a pathetic layering of tarmac from the other. My question is, if the driveway has been driven on for years and we are using the Grids, is a sub base still required?
Many Thanks in advance.

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If your Base is of sound quality and no big pot holes in would put down weed proof membrane then over the top a dust or sharp sand level bed for the Grids to sit on. The Grids should come with pins to hold Grids in place. There are different thickness Grids that will take traffic should state when looking. To save on cost of decorative stone you could half fill the core Grids with 10mm clean stone first then finish off with your 20mm decorative stone.hope this helps.


Answered 8th Apr 2017

A small amount would be wise to get the area level as the grids aren't strong enough to take the weight of vehicles and will deform to the shape of what is under them.

You could use sand or ballast, but either way it gives you a nice flat base to start from, just get it level with a board across the space and wacker plate it down and fill in any bits that go low until it is all level.


Answered 3rd Apr 2017

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