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Leaks into a groundfloor shop near an outside wall

How do you work out what causes a leak?

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Look to see where the water marks is falling from and follow them as a rough to the out side.
Agree with the person above me.


Answered 9th Apr 2017

follow the water or water marks


Answered 3rd Apr 2017

survey the area around where the leak is from the inside and the outside it could be missing slates/tiles damaged lead or valleys


Answered 3rd Apr 2017

Defiantly agree with all the above answers. Just make sure to have a good look at we're you believe the leak is coming from as sometimes leaks are not always the most obvious place it looks that's why some people get the same leak after they have had a repair job.


Answered 18th May 2017

All of the above and just emagine the smallest body of water and the least path of resistance


Answered 23rd Jun 2017

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