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Can i have a normal wall fan (not extractor fan) installed in my bathroom (zone 3)?

Hi thanks for the response. To clarify it is not a fan heater or extractor but just a fan as you might have on your desk. We have a skylight in our bathroom but even when it is open we still have condensation running down the Walls. Due to the location of the bathroom the cost of installing an extractor fan is prohibitive so looking at other options to get the air circulating. Any alternative suggestions would be welcome. Thanks

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An office type desk fan is not wholly suitable and may get affected by the condensation as they are made for dry heat conditions and not wet ones. Most bathroom extractors use shaded pole motors which are safer than normal wire wound motors as would be used in a typical desk fan. Personally I would not put this type of fan in a bathroom.

Maybe worth looking into bathroom dehumidifier fans as an alternative?


Answered 28th Nov 2011

Hi, would there be an option to have an extract installed into a window?


Answered 28th Dec 2011

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