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My chimney stack is shared with my neighbour. It is in a very poor state of repair. I would like to get this repaired and plan to write to him with my intentions. He is of a volatile nature so I dont feel happy to approach him in person. I would like him to pay half but I expect he will not be willing to do this. My question is, does he have to pay half and how would I go about this if he is partly responsible for costs, do I need his permission to carry out repairs, or can I go ahead and repair without permission. I have been told that the chimney stack is in danger of collapsing if for example there is a storm.

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Hi I think you should go ahead and get this done as there is potential of it falling or bricks coming off with weathering ,if this guy is not good to approach then get it done maybe he would be happy that you did and approach you and then you could ask him he mite just give you the half he should pay ...


Answered 29th Mar 2017

Easy one

Ask a roofing trade person to quote the job.... ask the trades person to contact the next door neighbour and inform him that his chimney is in poor order n it at risk ....
Then the competent trades person can negotiate payment from both party

Big regards


Answered 29th Mar 2017

Familiarise yourself with the party wall act. This link will take you to it.
This will clarify your legal position and has sample letters that can be used to open up a dialogue with your neighbour.
Good luck.


Answered 30th Mar 2017

First,notify your neighbour, about the imminent deterioration of the chimney!

Then you could carry on with the works. Keep all costs documented, all receipts, ask for invoice from your builder.

After works are done, notify him again asking to pay the half.

If he disagree, you could go to the Court. It will take probably time, but you have most of the chances to win.


Answered 29th Mar 2017

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