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Is it safe to put loft insulation down in the loft on top of ceiling spot lights.

I have recently moved into a bungalow. The previous owner has installed 4 cieling spot lights into each room. When I have gone into the loft i noticed he has removed chunks of the loft inslation from above were all the spot lights are situated. Meaning my insulated roof is not really insulated! Can I put the insulation back over the lights or could this be a fire hazard.

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NO just covering the lights without knowing what type they are is a BIG fire Hazard! Please do yourself a favour and take a look at the electrical safety council website and their downlighter safety leaflet. Unless the fittings are F fire rtaed and IC Insulation Covered rated then, covering them will cause the lamps to overheat and it may start a fire. If you ned to fully insulate the loft, it would be best to seek the help of a rgistered electricain and get them to quote to change the fittings for safe ones that are both fire rated and meet building regulation standards.


Answered 22nd Nov 2011

Dont cover them, it could cause a fire, get a spark to have a look, some have fire hoods fitted.


Answered 23rd Nov 2011

It is possible to buy protective bags to cover the spotlights, allowing heat to escape, but stopping them becoming obstructed by any insulation, it's usually advised to leave 150mm of space around the light, but this can vary depending on the make and type of light fitting.
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Answered 6th May 2015

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