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large upvc windows bowing after 12 months

Anonymous user 21 March 2017 - 4.42 PM

Hi, I've had replacement windows throughout, but a structural surveyor has noticed that the big windows are bowing after only 12 months of being fitted. He said as they are big they should of had metal frames fitted around the edge for re-inforcement. Will these windows have to be removed and reinstalled with metal frames to be corrected or can it be fixed another way. Sorry to be asking loads of questions. Thank you.

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Kembery Glazing Ltd
Rating: 5 out of 55598 reviews

Upvc frames should not used as support to any structure. There should be lintels above or in the case of bay Windows the bay poles should support a construction above by being fitted between the brick base and top support. Full height Windows need the same sort of support, if not fitted will need to be fitted and may mean new frames to allow for the support.


21 March 2017


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i agree with the above comment you can have frames reinforced but its whats above that needs supporting first with lintels and bay poles where required


23 March 2017