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What kind of door shall i buy for the front door to my flat


After hours' online surfing regarding door choices, I get more confused now and need your expertise here!
Shall I buy exterior door or interior door for the front door into my flat?
I'm not talking about the front door of whole building into the communal area but the one into my apartment..

Any suggestion regarding the type of finish or thickness?
We prefer plain look since we're requested to install like to like flat door but good quality regarding security and noise resistant.

Sorry for asking silly question here. Appreciate your advice!

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Hi Leslie,

You can indeed choose an internal door along as its fire rated (FD30)

It sounds like you're looking for a simple flush ply door which will be easy for you to pick up from and decent supplier.

Just to be clear, the front door to your flat will form part of the overall fire protection plan for the whole building so it is important that you pick and install the new one correctly.

The complete spec for a flat front door should be at least an FD30 door fitted with 3 x 4" fire rated butt hinges and a self closing device. The liner should have 2x1 door stops screwed round it (the wood that overlaps the door edge). The door should also have intumescent and smoke strips 15mmx4mm either inserted round the liner of door edge (these bits swell up under heat to stop any flames or smoke coming round the door edge in the event of an emergency) The door should be well fitted to the liner with no more than a 3mm gap between the door and liner.

The good news is a correctly fitted fire door will also give you good acoustic protection from the neighbours.

If you are concerned about security i would recommend you fit the same door with a 5 lever mortice lock (old fashioned key) about a third up the height of the door with a yale type night latch a third from the top. With you 3 fire hinges the other side that door will be pretty well pinned in the liner when locked. Add yourself a security chain inside and a viewer/peephole and your good to go! (btw avoid a letter box as it will reduce the fire and acoustic protection of the door)

I hope that helps you make a better decision



Answered 27th Mar 2017

AJW Construction

Member since 13 Mar 2017

Hi Leslie
on past experience on working within flats the normal requirement is a fire door.
People seem to think they are solid wood door this is far from the truth and you can also get a fire rated composite front door if you go onto a website called "just doors and windows uk" you will see that they have quite a range to choose from.
Hope this help a little
SKC Construction

Answered 17th Mar 2017

SKC Construction Ltd

Member since 15 Mar 2017

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Yes I agree a internal fire door with fire strips to your choice of look is all that's required.

Answered 17th Mar 2017

Brett Evans Construction

Member since 15 Feb 2017

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