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Light bulbs switching off (not blowing) one by one - overheating??

Hi All,

Just had a new ceiling light put up yesterday (a 3 bulb directional spotlight) which uses R80 60W bulbs.

When I turn the lightswitch on, all 3 bulbs work, but after a few minutes each one, in turn, will flicker for a bit then go out. It's managed to stay on for a maximum of about 5 minutes so far. Once the bulbs have all gone out, I turn the lightswitch off. If I come back 10 minutes later and switch the light back on, they're all working again. The bulbs aren't blown and are all screwed in properly/tightly. The bulbs do get very hot but if they had become/worked themselves loose, presumably they wouldn't work on the 2nd attempt.

Anyone ever heard of/had experience of this??

Thanks xxx

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If they are R80 lamps then its possible that either the very tip of the lamp at the end of threaded part (silver soft solder like material) is melting due to the heat and breaking the contact with the brass/copper pin inside the lampholder or the pin in the lampholder itself is distoring due to the heat and then bends back into shape once cooled. Maybe worth trying a 40w lamp, or low energy one if you can stand that sort of light or best bet invest in some quality R80 LED replacement lamps, expensive but worth it.



Answered 22nd Nov 2011

Sounds like a loose connection , probably within the light fitting . You need to turn off the electric supply to the light , lower the fitting and check tightness of each connection to ensure all are tight .Making sure nobody is touching the fitting or any exposed wires turn on the electric supply and operate the switch , wait a while to see if working satisfactory . If ok then turn electric off again and refit light fitting to ceiling being careful not to catch any of the cables . If not ok then employ an electrician to test and rectify fault . Wayne Soppitt ( WPS Electrical Services ) .


Answered 22nd Nov 2011

I've had this problem before with ceiling downlights, turned out to be the transformers.

Hope this helps


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Answered 22nd Nov 2011

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