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New roof dry verge collapsed

A few months ago the roof was leaking on my dormer bungalow, I had 3 quotes for new up and over roof and re-felt flat dormer roof, I was worried about waiting for 2 months for local man so employed 2 men that could start the next week (all 3 quotes were around £5,000). Modern interlocking tiles used, I was disappointed to find they'd done a days work laying them straight instead of broken bond, but i didn't comment as they did work hard, also the verges were not cemented as we'd agreed (as it gets very windy here) but dry verge used. The last couple of days were rushed because the 7 days they allocated were nearly up. There were some snags - dry verge needed securing by the guttering, tiles between chimney and dormer were out of line, several corners were broken, I paid most of the money within the week and I requested if they were coming back to bring the written guarantee. Recently had some severe winds and my neighbour at my door informing me some dry verge had hit his window, broken pieces with long screws, I rang and insisted they did something, one came and spent half hour repairing it, I don't know what to do next.

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you received and accepted their quote, the job takes as long as it takes regardless of how much time they allocated if its a shoddy job they need to rectify it, unfortunately this is the cost of haste most good tradesmen are booked up it tends to be the bad ones that can start straight away as you have found to your cost.

good luck Alex


Answered 7th Mar 2017

Time to get a bit more serious, you are entitled with a job like this to a years warranty as a minimum regardless, under UK law, as the job and materials have to be fit for purpose for a year.

So, tell them that you want it sorted out as soon as possible, mainly because any damage caused by their unfinished or poor quality work will be their problem. If something they have done blows off and damages someone's property they are liable for it.

You presumably told them that the weather is bad, hence doing the job a bit differently and they should have known anyway, so if they have failed to do this, they are at fault.

If you have no joy, then talk to the CAB or go to the trading standards folks who will help you.

Take photos of everything you can that is not right and take them to show the CAB/TS if it goes that far.


Answered 7th Mar 2017

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