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Bungalow extension - how to start?

We're looking into extending our detached bungalow behind the attached garage out to the back of the house (about 3mx8m total). I don't believe this will require planning permission as we're not extending beyond the rear of the original house and not visible from the front (due to being behind the garage), but would imagine it will need building regs as bathroom and kitchen included...does this sound about right?
If just building regs can we get a plans person to draw something up for this and to be able to get a fixed quote from trades? Or do some companies do the drawings themselves? Confused about how to start the process!


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Hi raarhhan my name is conor I'm the manager her at Ctk roofing services.
You are right you don't need to get planning to build an extension of that size. And yes will need building regulations. And to answer your other questions some companies will draw the plan's up for you at a extra cost or you could do a rough drawing yourself and take it to a architect to scale to correct measurements. Hope this information helps you on you future project.


Answered 5th Mar 2017

Hi Ra, As one who has built and project managed residential, commercial and light industrial developments over the years, I would direct you initially towards exploring two aspects; first, whether this proposed extension comes within your PDR (permitted development rights). This may be fine, and allow a percentage increase for the house's footprint, statutorily 10%, if that hasn't been exercised already (unsurprisingly, every new owner cannot keep doing this), or your PDR may be restricted or even removed, for some historical (s106) or statutory (listing and or conservation) reason. Second, that all the proposed areas, volumes, heights, distances (e.g. from boundaries) conform To that end I urge you to find a draughtsman that knows such parameters; there are some very able designers, in particular surveyors who would give you an excellent service (for this project you certainly do not need an architect) In the meantime I would also suggest as bedtime reading ... 'Permitted development for householders – Technical guidance' on If I can help further, drop me a line. Good luck, Mart


Answered 5th Mar 2017

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