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How can we box in part of a window to allow fitted wardrobes without bricking up and replacing the window?

We are planning to have fitted wardrobes installed but have a problem that they will sit proud of the window on the end wall. Bricking up part and replacing the window could be quite expensive so we wondered if there was a way of blocking up a third of the window to the edge of one UPVC panel on he inside and making it look like the rest of the wall.

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MDF or maybe a piece of Plaster board with a light scim then painted to rooms look, this i would think would allow you to cover your window without the cost and damage if you later wanted to open it up again, should be quite straight forward for a experienced Decorator.
Hmm yes i would go with that then you can always take it away if you wanted a different look, and from the outside veiw you could always paint the board to reflect a jar with flowers or books blinds, anything really, depends on the imagination of your decorator.
Hope it gives you an idea or two.
Chris Spence


Answered 22nd Nov 2011

you could get panels made as back door bottom panels and change the glass to the panels.


Answered 6th Jan 2012

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