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Can you tell me what size rsj you need for a pair of doors 60ins wide.

where do you get an RSJ from?
The wall is a load bearing one the house is old victorian pre 1900. We believe the wall to be a double and their is a rad on either side. We have the the doors just was'nt sure what support we would need.Never knocked through a wall before.

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when you say rsj maybe you ,mean lintel? the load bearing either side of a lintel for doors and windows is usually 150 mm. all good builders merchants will sit with you and supply exactly what you require. you just need to take some details of position etc of the doors to be installed


Answered 18th Nov 2011

You havent stated the width of the wall, if its a single skin wall, ie 100mm thick then a 1.8m Box catnic will do.
If its double wall then you need a boot lintol.
You can use a rsj, just add on minimum 150mm bearing either side, so 300mm longer than the opening.


Answered 18th Nov 2011

You also havent stated if this is a load bearing wall and what, if any, load is above this opening?


Answered 20th Nov 2011

You cant just order an RSJ. It has to be calculated, dependent on the load it carries and the length of the beam. Steel calculations are not expensive. I do them myself. But be warned, some builders will offer you an opinion on the size but it should be properly calculated to make sure you get the right one

Phil Routledge


Answered 26th Nov 2011

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