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Door frames before or after plastering

I've completely stripped 2 rooms of everything and will want re-plastering and new door frames putting in. for the best finish should I go plastering first to give clean surfaces to work on, or door frames so plaster can be laid up to the frame?

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Hi there,

I've always fitted doors linings before plaster. Door linings falls under 1st fix carpentry. Reason being the door linings go in and it gives your plasterer a level to work to. This way when you come to fit your architraves they will be a nice snug fit without any gaps (if your plasterer is good).

I'd recommend getting your door linings in, get your plasterer in and then get your chippie back to hang doors andarchitraves.


Answered 19th Feb 2017

Tom Wills Carpentry & Joinery

Member since 10 Jan 2017

Hi guys
Would recommend fitting door frames first but flush with existing walls
Ready for plastering works
Leaves a better finish
Once painted

Best wishes moving forward

Troweltradeplasterers ūüĎĆ

Answered 31st Oct 2017

Trowel Trade Plasterers

Member since 9 Dec 2014

Hi from my experience the door frame need to be fixed and after plaster.The plaster on the wall need to be finished flash with the edge of frame.Important thing is to don't fix the door until the plaster is dry completely.The frame can swallow and the door it's not shut anymore.Thanks LC Carpenter

Answered 17th Feb 2017

LC Carpenter

Member since 17 Jan 2016

Need first plastering and after fitted door.

Answered 17th Feb 2017

Carpenter Joiner

Member since 14 Feb 2017

I have always fitted the door lining's before getting the walls plastered.
Reason being the finished edges of the lining need to be flush with the plaster as then the architrave will sit flush with the finished lining.
It makes all the different trades going in easier and gives the plasterer and edge to work off also.
Hope this aids you,
M.Palmer Building- Carpentry Specialists.

Answered 17th Feb 2017

M.Palmer Building & Carpentry Specialists

Member since 14 Feb 2017

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Usually at that question carpenters and plasterers will have opposite opinions.

Plasterers prefers the frame fitted first, because it helps them, and carpenters prefers to fit the frame after plaster is done, so the frame will remain clean of plaster.

But the best for the you I think is to fix the lining door first, for the reason M. Palmer said above... the architrave will sit flush. By contrary, if the frames are fitted after, the carpenters will manage to mount the architrave, obviously, but never will sit as well. It can't be observed easier, but it's still there.

I would protect the frame with a foil or tape if is finished or semi finished.

Answered 17th Feb 2017

Cristian Valentin Petre

Member since 17 Feb 2017

Door lining first.
Bored your wall up to it.
Then plaster the board.
Fit the architrave around the door lining.
Fit your new doors.
Then finally door stops

Answered 8th Feb 2018

JM Property Maintenance

Member since 8 Feb 2018

I would definitely recommend door lining to be fitted first and then skim up to them for a nice flat finish.

Answered 20th Mar 2017

ASH Building Services

Member since 13 Mar 2017

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Always fit door frames first, this way is ideal for plaster to finish flush with the frame ready for architraves to be fitted and will avoid damaging the finished plaster.

Answered 16th Nov 2017

DMA Plastering

Member since 20 Feb 2017

always fitt the door lining's beforegetting the walls plastered. Reason being the finished edges of the lining need to be flush with the plaster as then the architrave will sit flush with the finished lining. It makes all the different trades going in easier and gives theplasterer and edge to work off . Than once plastered your ready for your new architrave and to hang your lovely new doors

Answered 14th Dec 2017

Jacksons Plastering

Member since 26 Jul 2017

I would always recommend putting all the stud work and more structural work in before the plastering work has commenced. You will often get a neater finish and in order for you to get the plaster flush. After that you can always add architrave and hang your new doors after.

Answered 22nd Mar 2018

R Whetton Plastering & Rendering

Member since 19 Mar 2018

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