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Raised manhole from next doors driveway

I have small part of next doors manhole overhanging my driveway its about 7 inches higher than my driveway, the problem I'm having is I have hit it with car wheel and popped wheel, how could I stop this could I slop it? so if I do hit it again I would go up and over it instead of popping tyre. I assume this used to be covered by fence or wall and I realise cars have got bigger over time but if I can avoid this.over hang my drive by only 3 inches so assuming its next doors

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first are you shore its not shared manhole ?,you can of course slope part of it that is in your should also check it can take the weight, in a drive it should be able to but depends on what its made of and condition,could you not get together with next door to lower it. to lower it


Answered 12th Feb 2017

First things first your defiantly need to check what the maximum load the cover can sustain. It should be written on the cover somewhere (normally underneath) unless it's extremely old and rusty. If that is the case I wouldn't risk driving over it not knowing what weight it can take. The most effective and safest option is to lower the man hole cover. Most man holes are brick pits and it's a fairly straight forward job for an experienced contractor to sort out. Any further questions feel free to contact me



Answered 22nd Mar 2017

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