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Hi i want to fit some loft boards so can use loft as a storage area. i have basic loft insulation but want to fit extra loft insulation. whats the best method to raise the boards of the insulation, use loft legs or fit timber (3x2) or simular then screw the boards onto timer? thanks

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Best method if possible is to run 4x2 timbers from one wall plate to the other inbetween every ceiling spar spanning across your loft taking all the weight off your ceiling spars and ceiling board when you lay the floor boards down. This will give you the height to insulate between the 4x2 joists on top of your original insulation and the strength to take the weight of storage. The 4x2 has to be packed up on the wall plates so no weight is resting on your ceiling. It is preferable that a joiner does this job but hope it helps.


Answered 10th Feb 2017

The best of known and most practical way is to ran 4x2 timber across existing joists and screw or nail every joist in place it touches the new timber. This will give extra strength to existing ceiling joists. Then you can put another layer of 100mm insulation in between new joists and finish with screwing boards onto the joists.


Answered 6th May 2017

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