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Waste pipe going into roof at a angel


I have recently moved into a house, where a small lean-too extension has been done to the side of the house to accommodate a WC (this is where the path used to be to get to the garden). A pitched tile roof has been installed above it.

The toilet has also been relocated from the original position upstairs.

Recently, I noticed a wet ceiling in my WC. My investigation revealed that the leak is caused where the waste pipe entered into the pitched roof of the WC extension to connect to the original soil pipe.

I basically have a angled pipe going into a angled roof. Worst thing is that no proper seal has been used where the pipe enters. It just has a load of lead flashing cut around it, in a attempt to make a circle flashing.

Before I get a roofer out, I wanted to get some advise from trusted people at mybuilder. Will this thing do the trick?

Or is the angel of my pipe/WC roof a problem (i.e. too acute).

Here is a (poor attempt) skecth of the problem. The green bits are my waste/soil pipes.

Many Thanks

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Hello Zed

Firstly this is a very unusual situation but one that has a fairly simple answer. To meet the current industry standard your waste pipe needs to have a custom made lead slate that has been welded and made to match the angle at which the pipe enters the roof.
You could in theory use ( that you mentioned but I would recommend against this due to the angle. This product is perfectly acceptable if the pipe it entering the roof vertically but not for the angle of your pipe.
Stick with the custom made Lead and you won't have a problem.

Thanks, Luciano
Elite Roofing


Answered 7th Feb 2017

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