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Who pays to fix neighbours patio

Hi there, hoping someone can provide some advice!

We recently built a rear extension to our house which involved taking up some of our neighbours patio, during which 2 of the slabs were either lost or damaged by the builders.

Our builder is now charging us £150 to re-do the patio which I feel is unfair as the patio was always going to have to come up and go back down and should have been accounted for in the quote. I'm happy to pay for the slabs as I absolutely accept that this is my responsibility, but not their laying.

Relations have broken down and this is one of many additional costs they are now charging us at exorbitant rates.

Please let me know what you think. Is this one worth fighting or are they in the right?


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Hi Peter
It's sounds like the builders have only priced the extension work as most of use do if we gave you a price to lift patio and move this and that then we would not get the job as the next guy would only price for extension. For a £150 pounds on a extension me personally. I would of just left it but also some don't ! End of the day are you happy with the work ! is it worth falling out over ??

Answered 3rd Feb 2017

Rutter Building North East

Member since 27 Jun 2012

Personally I think charging you £150 for re-laying a couple of flags (if it was only a couple?) is a bit petty. They should of took care of taking up the neighbours patio and not lost or damaged what they took up. How ever as already stated if they have done a good job at your home, are good to deal with personally and their quote for the extension was a fair price then just bite the bullet and pay the money.

Answered 4th Feb 2017

Prestige Paving of Preston Ltd

Member since 5 Jan 2016

Is it stated in the Quote to remove and relay next doors slabs if so the charge of two new slabs would be fair if not then that's an extra and would be chargeable for labour also. Thoroughly go through quotes before hand to see what it includes every aspect of the work should be stated and work that is not is an extra

Answered 5th Feb 2017

Groundcraft construction ltd

Member since 2 Feb 2017

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