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Temporarily patching up flat (felt) roof on brick-build shed.


I need to get a small flat felt roof replaced, but won't be in a position to do it for a couple of months, however i've just noticed that there is an area that's about 10cm x 7cm, that has eroded to a point that it's letting water through. Is there anything that I can temporarily patch it up with until getting it replace professionally.

I have a photo, but not sure if I can upload it here?


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Hi the best thing is to clean area that is letting in water .
Apply a waterproofing roofing sealant
Or flashband for a temporary fix


Answered 2nd Apr 2017

Hi, you can use all weather coat for you patch were still is leaking. You can buy it on toolstation it's called black jack and cost around 16£. Don't forget to clean well the surface before applying the coat on it. Give 2 or 3 coats should be enough.


Answered 1st Feb 2017

The best option is to find out what product is on the roof and use the same material to repair it as al repair products in stores r just a lil tempary and wound last what the say ! Goin with the same material as on the roof will give u much more time to sort out for a reroof in the future !


Answered 23rd Feb 2017

Flat roof leaks are not always obvious and the damaged area may or may not be the cause of water ingress. After a complete assesment of the roof, 1st clean area then use the same product as the original roof followed by a liquid waterproofing coating system with fibres to the edges of new material used to insure total waterproof repair. Roofwise Solutions


Answered 24th Jun 2018

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