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Leak in ceiling following chimney breast removal

Hi I have removed my chimney breast from my upstairs and downstairs rooms. The portion that's in the attic is still there. It looks secure with metal joists. Since then when it rains a small amount of water can be seen in the roof of the bedroom where the breast used to be. The holes on top of the chimney are covered so I don't think it's due to rain entering form the top but I'm not an expert. I was wondering what any experts thought could be the problem.

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The chimney should be inspected. This could have been an ongoing problem but the water would find its way to the bottom of the chimney where as now it will stop at the ceiling.

Another potential issue is if the chimney wasn't properly supported during removal. It could have moved slightly creating areas for the water to penetrate.

I would consider this a roofers area


Answered 29th Jan 2017

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