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Removing chimney breasts after loft conversion

I'm going to.start my loft conversion soon and remove chimney breasts after that.
My chimney runs right through the middle of the house and is between the living room amd front room and also the 2 bedrooms upstairs.
Do i still need to get building regulations and also the builder said he will fit a "Plate" the weight.
Can.someone explain the process please so at least i know what is to be done and if i need a plate, joists or a gallows bracket. Will sell.the house in a few years so best to do it properly now.
Area is Luton, Farley hill

1 Answer from a MyBuilder Chimney & Fireplace Specialist

The answer is yes to the building regs and if any steels or support is needed a Structural engineer is also required. I strongly advise doing it correctly as without the correct calculations it can be very dangerous and can also make selling the house very difficult.

1. Find a structural engineer.
2. Get a price from a Builder after he has seen the structural specifications
3. Inform building control.
4. Have the work carried out with an Inspection part way.
5. Have the work signed off on completion.


Answered 29th Jan 2017

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