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Core gravel residential driveway stabilizer?


Has anyone had any experience of installing or have had installed a CORE gravel driveway stabaliser -

I was looking at resin bonded gravel from an area of roughly 80M square, but this looks like it would be cheaper and easier to install???

I would welcome peoples experiences.


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Hi James,

We have a good deal of experience when it comes to installing this type of driveway, although I have not used CORE as a supplier.

This style of driveway is characterised by a honey comb like retainer, which is laid onto the proposed area and is then filled with gravel. The retainer accommodates the gravel, stopping it from venturing out of place! Over time the driveway can be maintained by simply topping up the inexpensive gravel, which is widely available, every so often.

In my experience the above is a cost effective method of driveway construction, which can be spruced up by the installation of an attractive pathway or landscaping feature. Resin bonded gravel would be the more costly option and I wouldn't recommend it in the first instance for a frequently used driveway.

In either case my top tips would be to ensure that your driveway has the appropriate compacted sub-base, which will help stabalise your driveway long-term and also that some form of weed barrier is installed before the gravel retainers are installed.

If I can be of further assistance please do not hesitate to get in touch.




Answered 8th Feb 2017

Weigh up the costs will 80m2 of concrete or tarmac be less as you can lay resin stone at 20mm for these Surfaces. You can lay resin stone on top of the reinforced Grids but it will have to be double the thickness the resin kits cover 4m2 at a thickness of 16mm drive cover is 20mm so 40mm cover is what you need. Check if the grid way is cost effective.


Answered 6th Apr 2017

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