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Leaking roof in icy weather

Hi, just wondering if anyone knows what might be happening on my roof. I've just been in the loft andnoticed it leaking pretty much all the way down one apex of the house only. It seems to be seeping in horizontal lines (more so towards the edge of the house. Now it's not rained for a few days so I'm guessing it's from ice thawing in recent cold conditions. This side of the house is north facing so never sees the sun. Just wondering if any experts had an idea in what might happening. Seems like a new problem as never seen any leaks up there before....

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Sounds like your roof is condensatin during sub zero temperatures.

If it is not leaking during rainfall then i would advise you to add more ventilation.

If you have undertile felt then you could fit easyvents from inside the loft to increase airflow and ensure your loft insulation is not crammed right up into the eaves.


Answered 29th Jan 2017

It definitely sounds like condensation built up .venting is the only way to stop it . On all new roofs I do is counter battern and eve vents and vented ridge this will alow good air flow .


Answered 30th Jan 2017

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