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Fitting skylight in extension

We currently have some roofers covering up an old skylight and fitting a new one. Before the job started it was agreed they would do the roofing works and we would get someone else to "make good". They are finishing up the job today and have said once the skylight is in they will leave the 3 beams running across the skylight opening in place and whoever comes to make good needs to remove them and plasterboard it all up. I understand the plasterboarding up but surely they should be removing those beams?

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Is it possible that they have used some sort of adhesive (no more nails etc) on any part of the light that means it will need to stay in a certain position until it is set? That is the only reason I can think of for leaving unit supporting batons on? (I don't work with skylights but can't think of why else it would be?!)


Answered 26th Jan 2017

Depending which skylight they have used (Velux)?? But to be honest I would never leave the battens across a window! Even if it's just a piece of glass with lead tabs etc any reputable roofer would remove the battens.
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Answered 27th Jan 2017

Hi there.

Im trying to make sence of what you are trying to say so please excuse me if im wrong. If it is a pitched roof and one skylight has been covered you will see roofing battons covering the excisiting hole but also you will see felt first and it is possible to fit a roof window (conservation velux) onto the battons but not cuuting the battons will mean you cant open the window 🤔
If it is on a flat roof it is just pure laziness not taking the excising beams out the new skylight as it will have to be propley studded out to account for the weight of the window and the gap it will leave so you look out at it

Hope this helps in any way
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Answered 27th Jan 2017

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