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Neighbours drive sheds water onto party wall


I have just moved in to this new house, and have noticed next door's drive slopes down to our external wall which forms the boundary between our properties. In heavy rain it runs alongside the wall before draining off into the pavement. There is some sign of minor water ingress in the cellar along that wall internally.

I don't want to p!$$ next door off so soon after moving in, but would rather rectify the situation. What are my options? I was thinking channel drain at the base of the wall, but there is no obvious place to outlet to.

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An aqua channel is defiantly an option i would say, you could have the Channel running from the front of the drive straight through to the back garden leading into a soak away. I am no Ground worker so there could possibly be an easier way. i think that whatever you decide you will definitely need the home owners permission.


Answered 22nd Jan 2017

Having looked at the picture I don't think the aqua drain channels will work. I would suggest you look at the Drive sett drain channel. This is a simple curved paving block that could replace the existing paving on your neighbours drive.

This would still direct the water onto the road but that is your neighbours problem not yours.

I would suggest you chat to the neighbour and explain the problem then offer the solution. Up to you if you want to pay for it but that might be a good way to get the neighbour on your side.


Answered 26th Jan 2017

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