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Removing moss from asbestos tile roof.

Hi all,

What's the best way to get moss removed from an asbestos tile roof, and then stop it coming back? I'd imagine most people aren't too keen to scrub it with a wire brush for risk of particles getting inhaled, and wouldn't a power washer be likely to damage the tiles?

Also, once it is all removed, what's the best way to stop it coming back? Lead ridges?

Thanks in advance.

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Idd pressure washer it and apply a protective coat over it to stop attraction Moss less easy to stick and form


Answered 24th Jan 2017

I would say it would be better to remove the roof completely and get a new one! pressure washing a roof is not a good idea and anyway the moss will return


Answered 26th Jan 2017

Firstly spray the roof with moss killer. Then after a couple of days use stiff broom to remove all dead moss. After all moss is removed paint entire roof with an acrylic based waterproofing paint to seal roof. Several coats will make roof sheets much smoother and therefore eliminate moss growth in the future. Powerwashing these types of roofs is always a risk of further damage and a proper assesment would need to be carried out 1st. Roofwise Solutions


Answered 24th Jun 2018

Use a power washer but it will allways return after a few months


Answered 22nd Jan 2017

I would pressure clean the roof to remove the moss, then I would apply a roof sealant to all the sheets this will help prevent the moss growing back


Answered 2nd Apr 2017

I agree with roofwise, jetwashing is not advisable! If you were to have the roof removed at any point please insure the work is carried out by a licensed asbestos remover.


Answered 20th Feb 2019

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