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Potential damp in roof above bathroom - serious?

Good afternoon everyone!

I am a first time buyer and just received the home-buyer report, and there is a section in it that makes me a little worried. To paraphrase, the felt in the area above the recently refitted bathroom is ripped. There is no dampness present at the time of the survey, but there is evidence of condensation or possible leakage from above.

The problem looks to be associated with the soil and vent pipe, that was left from the previous bathroom fitting and has not been sealed, but serves no purpose in the new bathroom. It may be that water is leaking past here. There is no mechanical extractor fan in the new bathroom.

The rest of the roof appears to have no issues with condensation.

Has anyone out there got any advice on whether this could be a serious issue or not? I would be willing to get a survey done on the roof and loft space if required, but obviously would rather not if we just need to fit an extractor fan or similar.

Many thanks in advance!

Update in response to question by Fibretechs: The roof is pitched above the bathroom and the house was built circa 1990.

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Please give more info.....

Is this a flat roof above the bathroom and If so approx age?


Answered 21st Jan 2017

If it is a pitched roof it's important to have your gutters checked and cleaned first , your problem could be as simple as that !! If your gutter or downspout is blocked water will build up and track under your slate or tile if it's only in the bathroom it could be problems with the soil pipe ?


Answered 6th Jun 2017

I would put a tile vent in roof above bathroom then get a plumber to attach to extractor fan for ventilation to bathroom roof could be sweating coursing condensation


Answered 8th Sep 2018

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