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How do you remove an old paint splash from an unglazed floor tile?

On a balcony, open to the weather.

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If it is an old paint splash white spirit will not touch it and wire wool will probably scratch the tile with it being unglazed ! You will need nitramorse 'paint stripper' and a very small brush, be very careful to only put the paint stripper on the paint splash leave for 5 mins wipe up with a damp cloth, be careful and good luck Kevin G


Answered 12th Mar 2011

white spirit wire wool rub ,and seal with stone floor sealer.


Answered 11th Mar 2011

I normally be careful before paint, cover every thing before hand, but if happens. Use normal thinner or depend of the quality of the paint use acrylic thinner, this will solve the problem. Good luck


Answered 13th Mar 2011

Hi there,
I would try Handklenz its a hand cleaner that removes new and old paint from you hand so it not harmful like nitomorse so this shouldn't harm the porous tiles I would leave this to soak for a while and wash away with the rough side of a washing up sponge. worth a try......

James Cantlon


Answered 30th Mar 2011

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