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QuestionHow much to install a steel beam to replace a timber, load-baring wall ?

I'm converting two bedrooms into a single space. The property is ~1920's. The rooms are split with a stud frame wall made up of 4x2" timbers (~6 verticals) the horizontals, top and bottom of the frame are all running into structural supporting walls. The load that the timber wall is supporting comes from a single, angled, timber roof support that is re-enforcing the roof purling.

I have a structural engineer booked-in to make suggestions and do the calcs, but it seems like adding a steel support to run the length of the top of the existing timber frame will do it. This will be about 16' long and should be able to install it in a single span. Access shouldn't be a problem.

What would be the rough costs/timeframe for this job?


2 Answers

If you only require the lintel installed i would think a days work for 2 men plus lifting equipment depending on size of the beam £250/£300

renorite 16th Nov, 2011

Its unlikely that a studwork wall in a semi would be totally load bearing. With 6 studs over a 5m span it would have been negligent to have done this.
What is beneath the sructure oon the ground floor?Has the roof been overloaded in the past, say by replacing slates or clay tiles with concrete? Which can be why a purlin has been supported . If a spar was installed at the time of roof construction, then it would have been part of a principal rafter ,with a larger timber section.
Most overspanned ceiling joists or beams in the roof space are usually picked up on a spine wall, of blockwork,which is built up from the ground floor.
It would be foolhardy of anyone to Quote for a job of this nature without a site visit, and not being in posession of an S/Engineers report and spec. and Building Regs approval for this element.

James Walter Building Contractor 26th Nov, 2011

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