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I have excessive condensation on my windows....

...They're only 11 months old. On some of the windows, there's puddle of water on the sill and the wall is damp in the corner of some of the windows. Any help appreciated.

I've located where the puddle of water is coming from. It appears to be coming through the upvc joint (V shape)They're coming round today to (hopefully) sort out

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Double glazed windows have a gas inside them called Argon, this insulates the space between the two panes. If the seal around the double glazing has broken then the gas escapes causing the insulation to escape, this will then cause the condensation due to the lack of insulation. I would call the company because they are under twelve months old and should have a years guarantee.

Also you should have vents on the windows or in the glass to help with the regulation of temperature.

I can fit new glazing whilst leaving the frames as they are and also fit the vent if you don't have one.

I hope this has helped.




Answered 15th Nov 2011

Have you got trickle vents on them?


Answered 15th Nov 2011

could be condinsation,or not sealed properly, you should call the window company back that fitted them and see what they say.

good luck alex


Answered 15th Nov 2011

I agree with the others, as they are only 11 months old get the company that fitted them out.


Answered 15th Nov 2011

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