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What are the fire or building regulations regarding positioning of an oven

Can someone please tell me or point me the direction regarding the fire or building regulations on positioning of an oven next to a door or a window.

I have heard of a 300mm distance requirement, but not sure of any leeway on a half fixed window, ie, it only opens on one side.

Many thanks.

Thanks, Kitchens Lincoln,

Maybe I should have said a floor standing cooker with oven, which would include 4 x gas cookers (hob?) at the top with an oven below, rather than just an oven.

Can you please point me the direction on the fire or building regulations regarding the minimum positioning of this from window or door?

So far, I can only find a reference from regarding this, but all it says seem to be guidelines rather than legal requirements.

Many thanks.

Update. I have actually found the Gas Safe Register Technical Bulletin 022.
To cut short, the manufacturer's installation instructions will take precedence. After that, it reads "a clearance of 300mm is recommended for manoeuvring saucepans etc. However, this may be reduced to not less than 50mm to combustible materials".

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Hi, There is no regulation I am aware of on positioning of OVEN near opening door or window. There is regs on position of a HOB top. There are practical reasons for positioning ovens away from the door or window such as bending down to the oven behind the door and someone opening the door from the other side etc.
Hope that helps.

Update: Usual manufacturer installation instruction is: appliance must be installed a minimum of 50mm from any
back wall and a minimum of 150mm away from any adjacent vertical
surfaces, e.g. a tall cupboard end panel. This may be reduced to
100mm if the adjacent surface is resistant to fire (tiles or steel, for example).If a cooker hood is to be installed above the hob, the height of
the hood above the hob must be at least 750mm .If the
instructions supplied with the hood dictate that the hood must be
installed at a height greater than 750mm, then that height is the
minimum required.
The minimum height of any cabinet immediately above the hob is
900mm. The minimum height of any adjacent units (including light
pelmets) is 400mm, unless they are manufactured from a material
resistant to fire (steel, for example)

I hope this has been useful and well done finding the information.


Answered 19th Jan 2017

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